Set your faith for a great summer!

While some say that having down time with no scheduled activities is a good thing for children, spending the entire summer doing nothing at all sounds like no fun, either! The good news is there are a lot of inexpensive and fun activities that families can do together to create great summertime memories.

[cs_quote column_size=”1/1″ quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#f37735″ quote_align=”center”]Before the season is over, take some time to plan a few fun events, invite some friends, and savor the fun! It’s the little things your kids will love the most, so consider these sweet and simple ideas while there’s still a little time left…[/cs_quote]

[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Water Games: 
Kids really love water so it does not matter what form or shape it takes as long as someone is getting wet. Dig out the water balloons, sprinklers, buckets, water guns, hoses, and come up with some fun games that everyone will enjoy. [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Camp Out: 
Dig out the sleeping bags and have a family campout in the backyard or in the living room. Bust out a favorite card or board game, snack, movie, video game, and just play! [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Family Service Project: 
Spend a few hours picking up litter in your neighborhood, planting some trees, or volunteering at church specializes in helping others. Afterwards, go get an ice cream treat [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Stare at the Stars
: Take blankets outside on a clear night, look up at the stars, and see how many constellations your kids can spot or point them out [/list_item] [/cs_list]

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