January: Focus on Prayer and Fasting

With January being our church wide focus on Prayer and Fasting, I want to be sure that you are communicating the importance of this to your children. The Uptown department has just completed a 12 week study on prayer. So your Uptown child should know how to pray and hear the Lord. Please encourage them by spending a few minutes each week praying with them. Allow them to pray with you and for you. Perhaps if there are family needs they can add their faith to yours for them to begin to see how God answers prayer to meet your needs as well. Be sure to tell them when the answer comes and together give thanks to God for the answered prayer. This year in Kids Town we are believing for growth. Please stand with us in prayer as we watch God do amazing works through His body here at FLM.

[cs_quote column_size=”1/1″ quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#f37735″ quote_align=”center”]New Year’s Goals Aren’t Just for Dad and Mom.[/cs_quote]

January is the time when everyone senses the need for new goals. It’s important that our kids learn to set goals as well. Here are a few ideas to guide your children in the goal setting adventure.

[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Help your child set one short-term goal that can be completed in a week with a long-term reason. Example: exercise 20 minutes each day so that I can become healthier and reduce stress [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Write down and post each step. Example: jog for 15 minutes, 20 push-ups, and stretches [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Mark progress. Use a printed calendar to check off each day that the goal was completed [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Evaluate. After one week look at progress and talk about how to improve for the following week. It’s okay to miss a day of exercise. We need to teach our kids that life happens sometimes. It’s important to set new goals each week even if we weren’t perfect the week prior [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Add more. As your kids develop great goal setting habits, they can begin adding more weekly goals. [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Bonus! It’s always nice to get a reward for a completed goal [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-checkmark6″] Most importantly, set goals for developing our relationship with God in 2015.  Some examples would be win someone to the Lord, pray 15 minutes a day, attend church faithfully, be a tither and a giver. [/list_item] [/cs_list]

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