The Prayer Jar

Kids in today’s world can get caught up in “worry.” The Bible makes it very clear that God does not want us worrying, but instead, trusting in Him. Here is a simple, but very meaningful activity that can help your children learn to cast their cares on Jesus.

[cs_heading column_size=”1/1″ cs_heading_title=”Find a good-size jar and label it “The Prayer Jar.” ” cs_heading_style=”1″ cs_heading_size=”20″ cs_heading_align=”left” cs_heading_divider=”off” cs_heading_font_style=”normal” cs_heading_color=”#753475″][/cs_heading]

When you or one of your children have a worry, write it down and put it in the jar. That night, before you go to sleep, pray with your child about the concern. Ask God for peace and for help. After a few weeks, empty the jar together, and rejoice at how many prayers God has answered! Don’t forget to give Him thanks and praise, and share your testimony to encourage someone else’s faith! As your child grows older, they will really be able to trust in God and not worry, but be happy!  Hmm…. that sounds like a good song!

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