Are you Ready?… For Summer

Everyone with a child of school age knows how your daily routine changes in the summer.  With school buses and homework out of the way for the summer, it’s onto a new adventure.  Excitement is high as children are seen playing  outside.  Pools and beaches are full.  Kids and parents alike tend to sleep in a little longer as they stay up a little later.  School is out and it’s time to kick back and relax…. right?

[cs_quote column_size=”1/1″ quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#f37735″ quote_align=”center”]While this is all true in the natural, let’s not forget to show our children that though the seasons may change in the natural there is a supernatural God who loves us through every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.[/cs_quote]

He is looking forward to receiving consistent worship from His children so be careful not to take a vacation from God. Be faithful to worship Him and “not forsake the    assembling together of the saints” (King James Version).  Don’t “skip church” (KidzTown Version.)

Similar to natural growth, spiritual growth requires consistent “meals”.  Keep your children fed this summer with consistent doses of KidzTown      Ministry.  In fact to be in great shape for school this fall, you could even indulge and join us 3 times a week.

[cs_heading column_size=”1/1″ cs_heading_title=”Oh taste and see that the Lord…..IS…..good!  Dinner is ready!
” cs_heading_style=”1″ cs_heading_size=”20″ cs_heading_align=”left” cs_heading_divider=”off” cs_heading_font_style=”normal” cs_heading_color=”#753475″][/cs_heading]


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