God wants you to GROW UP! He wants you to be more like Jesus and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in your life everyday. Even the plants and flowers around the world know they must grow up. In the experiment below you’ll see that no matter which way you turn a bean it will always grow upward. God wants you to be like this bean and grow up no matter what is going on in your life.

What you’ll need: glass or plastic jar, potting soil, lima bean seeds, water, black paper, tape, plastic wrap, and a rubber band.

What to do: Fill your jar with potting soil, and push a seed right next to the side of the jar where it can easily be seen. Place more seeds around the jar where they can also be seen. Moisten the soil with water, and check daily to see if the seeds have begun to sprout. Once the seeds have sprouted, cover the outside of the jar with black paper. Make a lid for the jar with plastic wrap and a rubber band. For the next 12 days, check the moisture level of the soil each day or two and add a little water whenever needed to keep the soil moist.

To begin the position changing experiment, lay the jar on its side for 3 days. After 3 days, turn the jar upside down and keep it that way for the next 3 days. Then lay the jar on its side again for 3 days. Finally, set the jar right side up for the last 3 days. After the 12 days of position changing, remove the black paper. You will discover that the beans kept changing their growth pattern in order to keep growing upward even though there was no light to show them which way was up.