The “Heat Dome”

Wow, it is HOT this summer! All this heat can be oppressive if you are not prepared for it. You may have even heard this last weather system being called a “heat dome.”  They call it a dome because of the high pressure system forcing the hot air down and holding it down with no release. Boy, that even sounds oppressive! That is also just like the devil. He likes to sneak in slowly, building up “pressure” in your home. After a few days or a week of this you get the sense that something just isn’t right. Everyone is agitated, cranky, and sleepy all the time, not productive, not wanting to go outside; even to go to church.

Just like surviving this “heat dome” we can weather any “pressure” in our lives by staying hydrated through the Living Water. Make sure you teach your family how to drink from the fountain of Living Water (John 4:14).  Drink a lot in the morning and a little throughout the day. You will notice that though the pressure may come, it does not have the same effect on you as it does on the world. You can be productive, you will sleep peacefully, and you will keep your joy. Daily Bible reading and weekly church attendance conditions yourself and your family to weather the “highs” and the “lows” of any pressure.