All parents desire that their children have love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control..

As Christian parents, it is important that we train our children to develop the fruit of the spirit because it’s the evidence of what lives inside of us.  Spend several evenings at the dinner table  discussing each fruit of the spirit.  Take time as a family to memorize Galatians 5:22 then uise some of the following ideas to help cultivate Christ-likeness (fruit of the spirit) in your home.

Create a paper tree with fruit

Write the name of a fruit of the spirit on the back of each fruit.  Each family member gets a turn to choose a fruit from the tree and act out (without words) what it is.  Whoever guesses correctly gets a lollipop however, they cannot eat the lollipop.  After the game is over and you have “delayed” for a little while, thank everyone for practicing patience and allow them to eat their lollipops.

 Copy the same fruit shape two times for each person in the family.  Pass out a blank piece of paper to each person.  Ask them to tear the shape of the fruit in which you’ve made copies and ask everyone how it felt. Next, pass out a paper with the fruit shape printed on it.  Once again ask them to tear out the shape.  Talk about the differences in the two papers.  Finally, pass out the same paper with scissors and ask everyone to cut out the fruit shape.  Ask how it felt to cut with scissors instead of tearing.  Explain that with the help of the Holy Spirit in our lives, He will guide us just like the scissors helped in cutting the fruit shape.


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