KidzTown is divided into the following

12 departments

 Bible Babies (newborn to walking)
Wonderful Ones (1’s)
Transformed Twos (2’s)
Triumphant Threes (3’s)
Fruitful Fours (4’s)
Kingdom Kids (5’s through 1st grade)
Uptown (2nd- 5th grade)
Special Needs (for children with special needs)
Wednesday Night Programs:
Rainbows & Mpact Girls
Royal Rangers
Also, our non-class departments are:
Xpress (facilitates check in)
Supply Center
(the central hub of supplies for KidzTown).


“For me, the reality is that my children love KidzTown so much, that even when I just got out of my night shift, I drive to church with my little ones. The results of KidzTown in my daughter and son are an inspiration to me.”

Tawnka, mother of 2

“Duis et neque a urna feugiat facilisis. Aliquam blandit aliquam mi, non auctor turpis interdum eget. Aenean augue nisi, condimentum non tempus at, commodo...”

Gloria Cooper